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January 2020 - Happy New Year, Aries! Jupiter entering Capricorn and the recent Capricorn solar eclipse marked the beginning of a profound new professional cycle. You’ve always been ambitious; now there are huge opportunities arising for you to move things to a whole new level. With your ruler Mars in Sagittarius, there could even be opportunities to travel, expand your business globally, and explore opportunities overseas. Keep sight of the big picture and your long-term vision, and then you can make wise choices moving forward.

As the Cancer full moon and lunar eclipse align on January 10, a domestic situation comes to light (you could even be relocating for work). Rise above insecurities and have faith in yourself as you rise to the occasion. This is a chance to clear up unfinished business and release the past as you step boldly into your future.

As the Aquarius new moon aligns on the twenty-fourth, there are new doors opening, expanding your networks and social circle. A vision is crystalizing. You have friends, the universe, and angels working hard behind the scenes to help make your dreams a reality, but you have to dare to dream!

Standout days: 3, 23, 25, 26
Challenging days: 10, 12, 13, 28
January 2020 - Can you feel a surge of confidence as the moon spends time in your powerful sign on January 1? Once you zero in on something (or someone), you’re a force to be reckoned with. It isn’t likely you’ll take no for an answer anytime soon.

The Mercury-Uranus square on the eighteenth brings some surprising changes to your love life, and quite honestly a lot of them might be unwelcome. But you aren’t about to let anything get out of your control, are you, Aries? Once you think about it a little harder, you’ll realize there’s a workable solution.

There’s a tension-filled square between loving Venus and your aggressive leader Mars on January 26 causing chaos in your love life as it runs off the rails. Your first response is to get angry, but that won’t help now. Accepting the things you cannot change will bring you peace in this turbulent time.
January 2020 - Mars enters your house of education on January 3, and you can utilize this determined energy to secure educational opportunities to boost your career. This is also a good time to reach out to past colleagues and see where they’re working these days.

The tenth brings a lunar eclipse and some disruptive energy that could cost you a little money in repairs at home.

January 13 has the sun conjoining Saturn and Pluto, two powerhouse planets, in your house of career. Company plans and changes may be revealed around this date. As you find out the direction your company is taking, you can make your own plans. If you own a business, think about raising your prices.

The twenty-fourth brings the new moon followed by the start of the Chinese year of the metal Rat. This fast-moving energy can help you move quickly to gain a competitive edge in business this month and year.

On January 27, Venus conjoins Neptune and brings confusion to your area of money from your career. Check your pay stub to make sure you’re being paid correctly. You benefit when you speak up and point out errors quickly.
January 2020 - With lively Mercury, your health planet, in Capricorn and your sector of goals, it would be essential to stay on top of things this month. Bearing this in mind, giving yourself that extra nurturing can make all the difference.

Exercise can be essential to channeling any frustrations and resentments you might feel due to developing events. If you can work out a few times a week, you’ll find it easier to face any challenges.

And be prepared to eat well and get enough sleep, too. With such a positive foundation, you may find the coming weeks easier to handle. Do consider taking supplements to boost your immune system, too.
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