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December 2019 - Over the past year, Jupiter’s transit in Sagittarius has taken you on a long and winding journey, expanding your consciousness, horizons, and vision. Now, after all its twists and turns, your journey has led you to the top. Your ruler Mars is in Scorpio in December, and you’re in a powerful phase of transformation and resurrection—personally, financially, intimately—reclaiming power where you’ve felt powerless before.

Jupiter, the planet of expansion and growth, enters Capricorn on December 2 for the first time in twelve years, and you’re hitting the big time. Capricorn rules your tenth house, which deals with your profession, career, public image, and relationship with authority, among other themes. Jupiter’s transit in Capricorn in December and over the coming year brings an expansion of these themes. There are huge opportunities to take your career to the next level. For some, this could mean the joys of parenthood.

On the eleventh, the Gemini full moon brings conversations and information, marking a fork in the road. Explore your options, but keep your eyes on the prize. Then you can make wise choices that take you a huge step closer to a goal.

The sun enters Capricorn on December 21, marking the solstice, and a professional situation reaches a peak. Take stock of your life goals. Consciously release any ambitions you’ve outgrown and conditioning surrounding success and failure.

At the Capricorn new moon and annular solar eclipse on the twenty-fifth, you’re entering a major new professional cycle, stepping into a position of power and greater responsibility. Your success isn’t in question, but what do you want to be known for? Even the people responsible for the greatest destruction in the world are famous.

Reach for your noblest goals and stay rooted in your integrity. Then you can plant seeds that bring about constructive change, uplift humanity, and give back to the world over time. This is your legacy and gift to the world.

Standout days: 2, 19, 27
Challenging days: 8, 22, 25
December 2019 - You don’t experience as much growth as you’d like when expansive Jupiter pairs up with limiting Capricorn on December 2, but you still have your moments. Don’t forget that destiny is still a factor when meeting new people and looking for love.

The change-promoting Jupiter-Uranus trine on the fifteenth is more your speed, because it can help you remember that things are very much within your control. Don’t like the way something is going? Change it, Aries. You have momentum on your side.

The egotistical sun starts its transit through intelligent Capricorn on December 21, and for the coming month you might think you know better than most people about a broad range of topics. This could make things awkward on dates. There’s no reason to act like a know-it-all every minute.
December 2019 - Jupiter goes into Capricorn on December 2, crossing the zenith of your solar chart. The time of being a “student” is coming to an end. You are turning pro. If you're still in school, take your studies seriously. Create a dedicated workspace for studying, organize your notes, connect with advisers, and turn in projects on time.

If you're in the workforce, it's time to look at your career and where you're heading. Jupiter will begin to bring you opportunities this month. These doors will open when you know what you're looking for.

Mars trines Neptune on the thirteenth, putting attention on your finances. This is a good time to add a little magic or feng shui to attract more money. Say affirmations, light a candle, say a prayer. This trine is like a signal boost—it will help get your message to the universe.

The solar eclipse on December 25 can bring changes to your job. You may have a shift of management or the opportunity for a new position. Good things are flowing in your direction.
December 2019 - It’s a win/win situation this month if you can take a couple of days for a short detox to help refresh you during this time of seasonal fare. Adding salads, fresh water, and fruits to your day can ease the load on your digestive system and your body overall.

At the same time, as flexible Mercury moves into Sagittarius on December 9, you may be more inclined to get involved in competitive sports or physical activities such as hiking, swimming, or aerobics. With the sun here until the twenty-first, you’ll have energy to spare. With a busy workload, though, a few supplements and more nutritious food can be helpful.
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