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August 2019 - August begins with Mercury’s direct station, with a new moon and Mars and Venus in Leo.

There are powerful changes and life-changing opportunities arising now–financially and in your intimate connections; especially in those that involve both sex and money, perhaps even inheritances.

You have a lot to gain. Even if at times it seems like others hold all the cards you have a choice. This is about your values in relationships.

On August 11, as Mercury re-enters Leo, Jupiter stations direct, and Uranus stations retrograde. Consciously let go of your ego, need for validation, and attachments to sex or money.

What you really want is intimacy and security and you can have that. But you have to allow situations to evolve, and have faith in divine timing.

Sun-Venus conjunction on August 15 followed by the Aquarius full moon on August 16, is showing you the depths of your desires and the potential in financial situation or intimate relationship.

You have a lot to gain, but it comes down to your values. All that glitters isn’t gold, and all that is gold does not glitter. Only love is real and eternal. Remain detached in an evolving situation–you can’t lose anything of true value.

As Mars, Venus, and the Sun enter Virgo on August 18, 21 and 23, you’re being freed from a drama gaining a new perspective, allowing you to heal.

You could be traveling at this time, or planning travel, considering going back to school, making international connections or exploring options at a distance.

Clarify a 5-year plan, leave room for new discoveries, then you can take smart calculated risks. This is also a chance to let go of old ambitions, philosophies, and ideas you’ve outgrown, or that no longer serve your highest path.

On August 30, a new moon in Virgo suggests you’ll be ready to embark on a new journey.
August 2019 - You tend to focus on one thing and one thing only, but the Venus-Uranus square on August 2 reminds you to diversify your thoughts and energy. If you haven’t been giving love the attention it deserves lately, what are you waiting for?

Chatty Mercury leaves soft-spoken Cancer for Leo’s confident, outgoing conversational style on the eleventh, so it should be easier for you to talk to strangers. Now is the time to approach that cutie you pass on the way to work every day!

A sun-Uranus trine on August 29 can divulge important information about the future of your love life if you take the time to listen. Look for signs, Capricorn. They’re everywhere.
August 2019 - Keep a low profile during the first half of August. Background tasks require your attention. It will be especially important to revise a creative project on August 11. Resist the temptation to throw a tantrum. When you see how much the work has improved, you’ll be glad you were forced to change it.

You’ll be asked to train some newcomers during the second half of the month. This could mark an exciting new phase of your career. You enjoy sharing your knowledge and experience with people who are beginning their professional journey. Accept an official teaching position on August 30, when the new moon triggers a career change.
August 2019 - For much of this month, you may go through a bit of an intense phase as you tackle deep-seated emotions and issues that could be holding you back, and this could impact your health.

One way you can help this process is by considering a short detox of a day or two. Eating fresh salads and fruit and drinking juices, herbal teas, and lots of water can give your system a boost by removing toxins and giving your digestive system a rest.

Don’t be surprised if during this time any emotions you’ve suppressed begin to come up. Let them pass through you, and your whole energy system can feel greatly refreshed and renewed.
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