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July 2020 - The universe has been giving you some of the most important tutelage regarding your relationships you are to see in this lifetime, Capricorn, and this began in 2018. You’ve been finding out more accurately what it takes to give and receive in your relationships and set your priorities straight. Some Capricorns have parted ways with partners over the last years to find better ones, or will in the months ahead. Others have grown closer with their partners through the hardships that life has brought.

July 2020 will continue the lessons, but first you’ll be entirely focused on standing in your personal power. This is because a lunar eclipse takes place in your sun sign on July 4, bringing you a major destined moment where you’re further embracing your life’s calling. This could be a time of a great ending, achievement, or victory, something that you feel extremely invested in (solar first house). This could be a turning point in your life as you’re now freed from the shackles of the past to be rapidly pushed in a new direction. Jupiter, planet of miracles, will be at your side like a guardian angel for many months to come, so be assured that exciting new beginnings still await.

Mercury, planet of the mind, shows that you’ve been confused for some time regarding a partner in love or business or perhaps not communicating effectively with one another. Our cosmic messenger will be backpedaling in your commitments sector until the twelfth but finally be back up to speed by the end of the month.

Also, with a new moon falling in your partnership zone on July 20 and opening up doors to you in your relationships, it’s clear the universe wants you to be in the very best union possible (solar seventh house). Some Capricorns could become engaged, move in, or get married because of this new moon, while single ones may finally find someone with long-term potential.

As the sun moves on into your intimacy zone at the end of the month, you’ll surely be thinking about your personal needs and how you can be in the relationship of your dreams rather than waiting around for it to come to you.

Standout days: 1, 4, 22
Challenging days: 8, 14, 20
July 2020 - Your hard work is paying off, and the full moon and lunar eclipse in your sign on July 4 highlight your many accomplishments from the past month. Even if you haven’t had any major romantic victories lately, you can see now that your slow, steady efforts are making a difference.

The healing power of Chiron retrograde in motivated Aries on the eleventh is enough to make you stop and think about something you’ve been trying not to dwell on lately. It isn’t like you to procrastinate or look for distractions, so why are you doing it now? Getting to the heart of your emotional pain isn’t easy, but it’s necessary.

You don’t always like to call attention to your love life, but as the sun moves from shy Cancer to outgoing Leo on July 22, something is just too good to keep to yourself. Your friends might be surprised to see you posting intimate details on your social media accounts, but you just can’t help bragging!
July 2020 - On July 4, the lunar eclipse in Capricorn asks you to change something about yourself to increase your confidence, such as your wardrobe, posture, or attitude. Recognize how amazing you are.

On the twelfth, Mercury goes direct in your house of partnerships, and a discussion about teaming up to start a business with a friend or family member can move forward.

July 20 brings the new moon in Cancer as the sun opposes your ruler Saturn in your house of finance. There are new financial opportunities for the Capricorn native who is willing to take calculated risks and ask for money. If you own a business, look at what you charge and see where you can raise rates for your expertise.

At the end of the month, Venus in your house of work and daily routines makes a square to Neptune. It's good to sit back and envision your ideal day. Journal about it and send your message to the universe. Watch opportunities begin to manifest over the next few months.
July 2020 - Lovely Venus is in your lifestyle and wellness sector, so you might be eager to experiment with various routines that can enhance your natural features. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on face creams, shampoos or conditioners, you can whip up your own products with healthy ingredients from your kitchen.

There’s an abundance of recipes online with plenty of options for replacing expensive items with simpler and more holistic products that you make yourself. Try a few and you may find them to be effective. And once your friends see how good you look, they might want to follow your lead.
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