Dec 22 - Jan 19

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Dec 6, 2019 - Your energy and enthusiasm are at an all-time high. Your life, business, and money matters are going very well, and there are no signs that this will change any time soon. Romance should also be going very well. This should be doing wonders for your self-image. Whatever you've been doing, keep it up! You've got a lot to look forward to.
Dec 6, 2019 - Life appears cold and calculating today. Friends may seem more distant than usual, and you yourself may also feel like spending time alone. Go with this, especially if you sense the need to think certain things through, or perhaps seek a different perspective on a recent event that may have thrown your equilibrium off balance. This will bring you back to a state of harmony.
Dec 6, 2019 - You are very knowledgeable when it comes to a certain skill or trade. You know a particular area inside and out. This doesn't mean, however, that you know everything. You should still consult others when it comes to things you know nothing about.
Dec 6, 2019 - This is a great day to assert your dreams and visions. If you would like to see yourself a little bit healthier in two months' time, today is a great day to swim an extra few laps or run up that hill two times. If you see yourself as more of a social animal than you were over the last six months, today is a great day to place a personals ad (I know - go crazy!) or surprise yourself in some other way. It's a fun day, a day to get started on things, and most of all a day to express yourself as you want to be!
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