Feb 19 - Mar 20

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Nov 19, 2019 - Love, affection, and romance seem to be all around you. Strong unity with close friends, family members, and your romantic partner may well up throughout the day. You can also expect a rush of imagination and artistic inspiration, perhaps generated by the support of those around you. Any relationships formed now will last a long time. Recall this day when times get tough.
Nov 19, 2019 - You'll lose yourself in wishful thinking and fantasy. If you have your heart set on one special person, you may find yourself whiling away the hours, considering all the wonderful things you could do, the places you could go, and ultimately your future together. But you need to be on firmer ground before you begin to think so far ahead.
Nov 19, 2019 - You are feeling good today, and even though you might not be at work, this is a good time to be thinking about work-related issues. Your mind is clear, stable, and practical. What you plan today will most certainly come to fruition later on.
Nov 19, 2019 - Todays planetary alignment makes this a week to assert your right to be you - particularly in your own head. Give yourself permission to do what you really want to do. This will undoubtedly include something for your body - a massage, a yoga class, a gourmet meal at a favorite restaurant... Whatever your self-expression, keep your body a part of it. Feel your feelings with your body - give yourself permission to revel in it!
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