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July 2020 - July 2020 brings mostly fun and excitement to you, Pisces, because the stars are so aligned in your favor. However, that doesn’t mean it will be filled only with sunny days. There may still be some stormy skies!

This is because Mercury retrograde takes place in your sector of romance and pleasure (solar fifth house). In summer 2019, you also experienced this, and again, the universe is here to repeat a pattern. This means that you haven’t learned everything you need to quite yet, perhaps you need to become better at communicating your love.

Some Pisces could realize that they and a love interest are not on the same page or that they’re even hearing from past flames. This is quite peculiar because in May and June, the goddess planet of love and beauty was spinning out of phase and bringing back nostalgia and relationship karma to the world at large. With this Mercury retrograde taking place right after that one, it means that you deserve to be in a relationship that fully sets your heart on fire, but also you must learn how to give as much as you wish to receive.

A new moon on July 20 will open doors to improve your love and bring more spontaneity and euphoria into it or find new love if you’re looking. Some Pisces could get pregnant at this time or, if you already have children, notice they take more of your attention. If you’re feeling the creative muse, this could also be a time when you find a new way of expressing yourself.

A lunar eclipse on the fourth signals important news regarding your social life (solar eleventh house). You could witness an exciting event or watch as a friend enters or exits your life. Things look to work very much in your favor either way, with you building an expansive network throughout the rest of the year and taking steps to truly realize some of your most heartfelt hopes and dreams.

The end of the month will shift your attention from fun and games, though, because the sun will move into your productivity zone (solar sixth house). If you’re looking for more responsibility on the job or to find a new job, the stars are shifting and could very soon be in your favor to do so.

Standout days: 4, 20, 30
Challenging days: 8, 14, 15
July 2020 - You’ve had your share of fun, Pisces, but now it's time to get down to business. The full moon and lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 4 remind you of what you can do once you set your mind to it, and also highlight the opportunities you might have missed out on in the last month by procrastinating. Dig in and get closure before this determined lunation ends.

A Chiron retrograde cycle starts on the eleventh, encouraging you to start the journey to healing. Your heart might not be able to completely mend from a past pain that was inflicted on it, but shouldn’t you at least try? You have more inner strength than you realize.

A Mercury-Neptune trine on July 30 brings artistic flair to your love life, and makes you realize that you have so many more options than you might have previously realized. The romantic mood you’re capable of setting is magical. Now the real trick is finding someone to share it with.
July 2020 - On July 4, the lunar eclipse in Capricorn falls in your house of money derived from career. Discussions about a raise or bonus now start to gain some traction. You could also consider looking for another position as a way to increase your salary.

Mercury goes direct in your area of taking risks on the twelfth. Besides buying a couple of lottery scratchers, it might be time to take the real risk of launching your own business. Give Mercury a few days to pick up speed and then announce your product or service to your friends and family.

On July 20, the new moon in Cancer moves into your house of work and daily routines. For the next four weeks, you have the strongest energy of the year to change habits to the positive. The smallest changes will grow incrementally into a new life for you.

At the end of the month, Venus in your house of real estate moves to square Neptune. This is a good time to explore the possibility of investing in real estate through seminars, online courses, or knowledgeable friends. Learn first, then take action.
July 2020 - If you’re able to swim, you might benefit greatly from this form of exercise over the weeks ahead. With the sun in Cancer and your leisure zone until July 22, getting into the water can keep your joints supple, keep off the pounds, and channel any excess energy into staying fit.

Once the sun moves into Leo and your wellness zone on July 22, you may become more interested in a lifestyle that keeps you in tip-top shape on an ongoing basis. This might mean letting go of less desirable habits, but the outcome will be so worth it.
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