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September 2020 - It appears you’ve been very busy working on important projects or initiatives behind the scenes in recent months, with Mars powering up this privacy sector (solar twelfth house). Another way this can manifest is that you’ve been highly focused on healing and working with doctors, therapists, or specialists to move past trauma or difficulty to build a better future for yourself.

However, with Mars turning backward in the sky, beginning on September 9 and for months to come, you’ll be able to revise your progress and plans and find better ways of solving problems. Don’t push yourself too hard at this time. Instead, go with the flow of the universe and take it day by day.

At the onset of September, a full moon in your sector of fulfillment lights up the night (solar eleventh house). Depending on your social distancing guidelines, some of you may attend a lovely event or hear exciting news from a friend. If you have been hard at work chasing your hopes and dreams—and most Taurus usually are—this full moon could also click an important piece into place that you’ve long wished for.

September promises lots of pleasure and fun for you, especially with the sun moving through your fertility zone throughout much of the month (solar fifth house). Single Taurus are highly favored to find a new option who builds a garden within your heart, while committed Taurus may hear news regarding a child or enjoy more passion with their partner. Last, as this fertility zone also holds ties to creativity and art, you may suddenly find yourself divinely inspired. The new moon on the seventeenth opens doors to these areas significantly.

However, when the sun moves into your productivity zone on September 22, expect that you’ll be highly focused on work and employment for weeks ahead (solar sixth house). Last to note is that with Jupiter and Saturn waking up this month in your sector of expansion, you may suddenly hear news regarding media, academic, or immigration matters (solar ninth house).

Standout days: 9, 14, 17
Challenging days: 2, 15, 24
September 2020 - There’s a full moon in emotional Pisces on September 1 that will help guide you in the direction of love. Pisces is a psychic sign, deeply connected to the dreaminess of your subconscious, so paying attention to signs during this lunation will help you find your true love.

Your home planet loving Venus pairs up with wonderfully exciting Leo on the sixth, leading you into some interesting romantic situations. You’ll be craving more than your share of attention now, but try not to be swayed by someone who only wants to tell you what you want to hear. The truth matters.

The unexpected energy of the Venus-Uranus square on September 15 causes some upheaval that you didn’t count on, but your reaction is what really matters. If someone is trying to get a rise out of you and you remain calm, you win. Don’t let them see you stressed, Taurus.
September 2020 - For Taurus natives, the full moon on the first lights up your house of money derived from career. Over the next two weeks, find the time to talk to your boss and discuss a raise or promotion opportunity.

September 9 has Mars turning retrograde on the very powerful horizon of your chart. You can now tap into a lot of energy for completing projects. This retrograde motion is great for a head-to-head competition. Do an analysis of your competitors and see if you can up your business game.

The seventeenth brings the new moon in the harmonious sign of Virgo and your house of risk-taking. Job hunting over the next two weeks is positive, especially for jobs at large companies.

Retrograde Mars squares off with success-oriented Saturn at the top of your chart. Between September 25 and October 3, you may be under the scrutiny of a supervisor. They may tap you on the shoulder to lead the meeting or head the team, and you could receive accolades at the end of this period.
September 2020 - As clever Mercury moves into your lifestyle sector on September 5, it encourages you to get advice regarding wellness issues or symptoms you may have. You might also be drawn to books and websites packed with information that can set you on the right path. Just be sure that the information comes from a reliable source.

As sweet Venus, your ruler, moves into your home zone, you may have to refrain from indulging in too many baked treats and other mouthwatering foods that come from your kitchen, especially if you’re serious about your diet. With just a little planning, you can enjoy healthy treats and keep up with your weight-loss plan.
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