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December 2019 - On December 2, Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion, joins Venus in Capricorn, expanding your world, horizons, and consciousness. Capricorn rules the ninth house in your chart, which deals with “everything across known boundaries”: international relations, travel, foreign countries, cultures, languages, higher education, law, publishing, and, at its highest level, spirituality. Jupiter magnifies, so you can expect an expansion in these areas over the coming year.

Jupiter and the ninth house also represent journeys of all kinds, and December brings a glimpse into your journey over the coming year. The higher you climb, the farther the fall, so it’s important that you stay anchored in your integrity above all.

This is a time when you’re seeking greater meaning in your life, and there are valuable discoveries to be made. But this will mean letting go of what you think you know, dogma, and superficial conditioning surrounding how you think the world works. Then you can discover a greater truth.

On the eleventh, the Gemini full moon brings a financial situation and an intimate connection to light, presenting life-changing choices. You don’t have total control, but stay true to your values and long-term goals and you can deepen commitments that go the distance and pay off well into the future. This is a milestone allowing you to reclaim your power and authority in your life.

On December 21, the sun enters Capricorn, marking the solstice and shining a light on your path. As you move to the Capricorn new moon and annular solar eclipse on the twenty-fifth, consciously release the beliefs and ideologies that prevent your progress and you can lighten your load.

As the new moon aligns, you’re being drawn to take a huge leap of faith. With your ruling planet Venus in Aquarius at this time, all eyes are on you. You’re at the top of your game and being called to be a leader and pioneer. You’ve traveled a long way to get here, but this is just the beginning of your journey to the top. Walk the path humbly as the world wakes up to your genius and brilliance.

Standout days: 3, 8, 19
Challenging days: 11, 13, 22
December 2019 - A happy sextile between power planet Venus and aggressive Mars on December 3 helps you go after and get what you want. As a sign who desires security, however, you’re satisfied going at a slow, steady pace. You know the key to romantic happiness lies in your ability to be patient while you wait.

The moon spends a couple days in restless Gemini starting on the eleventh, so you can expect to feel somewhat indecisive about your current choices and maybe even regretful about some past ones. You can’t do anything to change things now, but at least you’ve learned your lesson.

You breathe a sigh of relief when the sun starts spending time in fellow earth sign Capricorn on December 21. You’re in your comfort zone now and able to relate to other singles who have the same kinds of long-term goals as you do. Choose other earth signs who know what they want.
December 2019 - There is a lot of focus on education this month. You might have a class to take for your job or a test for a certification to complete. Don't put off studying to the last minute.

Mercury goes into Sagittarius on December 9, and this may bring you information about an investment or business opportunity. Don't rush to agree. Many things about this deal could shift later in the month.

Mid-December brings Jupiter into a trine aspect with Uranus, and you can brilliantly lead a meeting or project to success. You usually like to wait to see how things will unfold, but now is a good time to step up and take the rudder.

The solar eclipse on the twenty-fifth brings harmonious energy around international sales and travel. This may open up an opportunity with a large multinational company. If you own a business, you might consider importing and exporting goods, or you can hire an international team to work for you in your virtual office. If you work in law or education, you may have several opportunities to expand your career over the next few months.
December 2019 - This month, you could be less inclined to focus on yourself and prefer to be involved with others and with enticing opportunities. There is a tendency toward hard work, but if this means less physical movement, then making the effort to exercise every day could be vital to your health. And this becomes even more important if you’re eating rich food.

With lovely Venus, your wellness planet, in Capricorn, you could tend to ignore your body if you’re focused on an important goal. Factoring in times for healthy eating, rest, relaxation, and a little pampering can see you through the coming few weeks feeling much more positive.
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