May 21 - Jun 20

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July 2020 - You have been at the heart of a cosmic storm for the last few months, Gemini, and now that Venus is direct in your sun sign, you can breathe a sigh of relief (solar first house). Luckily, because she is still picking up speed, you have an extra long time—yet another month—to harness her blessings. This is a fortunate opportunity to find new love if single and looking or bring magic back into your current relationship. Updating your look should go well now, and there are chances to attract more pleasure and attention.

However, because Mercury, your planetary ruler, is still out of phase until July 12, you won’t fully be thinking clearly. It’s actually backpedaling in your sector of worth, so your finances are likely frustrating or you’re questioning your own value at this time (solar second house). Don’t be too hard on yourself, and try not to make any agreements or promises until later in the month.

The lunar eclipse on the fourth could cause shockwaves to erupt in your partnerships (solar eighth house). You’re certainly debating what you give and receive in your relationships, and if you aren’t being appreciated, enough is enough. Some Geminis could divorce or separate at this time. Others could actually grow closer and find a better balance in their union.

Money could also arrive in the form of a lump sum or through a partner. The new moon on July 20 will echo the solar eclipse from June, again offering you opportunities for more income or a better-paying job (solar second house). While prosperity is likely to be coming in already, be sure to find ways to monetize more effectively.

Toward the end of the month, when the sun moves into your communication sector, you’ll be feeling even more talkative than usual (solar third house). Over the coming weeks, you could become more involved in marketing, advertising, writing, or speaking. If you’d like to improve your communication abilities, this is also a favorable time.

Standout days: 12, 27, 30
Challenging days: 14, 15, 20
July 2020 - Your airy energy doesn’t mix well with the steadiness of the Capricorn full moon and lunar eclipse on July 4. While this lunation urges you to buckle down and get to work tying up loose ends and getting closure, your restlessness distracts you and makes you procrastinate. Luckily, you’ll get another chance to repeat the cycle next month, but it’s a shame to waste this useful, hardworking energy.

Your ruler Mercury leaves its retrograde cycle on the twelfth, so at least communication will be getting back to normal soon. You’ve missed being able to flirt without having to worry about putting your foot in your mouth!

A Mercury-Jupiter opposition on July 30 catches you off guard with an unexpected social media post or bit of gossip, and it will be hard to hide your true feelings about it. You’d love to look at it logically, but it really doesn’t make a bit of sense.
July 2020 - This is a strong money month for you, and it's a good idea to consider how much is flowing in and how much is flowing out. July 4 brings the lunar eclipse in your house of investments, debt, and taxes. It would be good to review the outflow of money and see if you can reduce recurring expenses and cut your taxes.

money you've been waiting for may now arrive. Give Mercury a few days to get up to speed, and if you don't see what you’ve been looking for you can start making phone calls.

July 20 brings the new moon in Cancer as well as a sun-Saturn opposition. This is a call for discipline and focus. Gemini's gift is the ability to do multiple things at once, so sometimes focusing can be daunting. When studying investments or working on your business, set a timer and work in short increments. Challenge yourself to see how much you can get done before the buzzer sounds.
July 2020 - Lovely Venus is in your sign for the whole month, so you might be eager to enhance your image by getting a healthy, natural glow. Jogging, walking, hiking, and generally being active outdoors can do you a world of good.

If you want to get in tip-top shape, the presence of Mars in Aries and your social zone suggests that you join a class or group. Even if it’s online, the social aspect could be every bit as important to you as getting the exercise you need. And as you get fitter, you’ll have the chance to make some new friends.
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