May 21 - Jun 20

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Jul 6, 2020 - Jul 12, 2020 - Arguments and misunderstandings are possible due to roving Mercury’s angle with red-hot Mars midweek. If you’re involved in a team project and the expenses seem to fall mainly on you, it might be time to bring up this matter so you can find a fairer way of distributing the costs. Rather than being quietly resentful, it would pay to speak up.

Celestial body Chiron turns retrograde in your friendship zone this week, so you may gain insights into your social life and how you can improve matters. If you’ve fallen out with a friend, a positive angle between harmonious Venus and Chiron might encourage you to call them and make amends.

Chatty Mercury, your personal planet, turns direct over the weekend, bringing an end to delays, especially around money matters.

Feeling charitable? Don’t give more than you can genuinely afford, even if you’re touched by the plight of others.
Jul 6, 2020 - Jul 12, 2020 - As the solar Cancer energy surrounds you all week, your feelings are bound to come spilling out—at perhaps the most inopportune moments. You can’t control love.

Healer Chiron is in powerful Aries when it goes retrograde late in the week, reminding you of a past wound that has yet to heal. There’s no point in holding on to regret, especially if your ex has already forgiven you.

A trine between the sun and dreamy Neptune in water signs over the weekend gives you the chance to strengthen your emotional bond. Learning new things together brings you especially close.
Jul 6, 2020 - Jul 12, 2020 - Monday is a highly creative day. It's a positive day if you need a breakthrough in any area concerning your work or career prospects. Focusing on positive relationships at all levels will ease conflicts and create new opportunities. There is a great deal of uncertainty in the air right now. Much could be discussed in meetings at the end of the week, but it's unlikely that any action will be taken.
Jul 6, 2020 - Jul 12, 2020 - You have energy directed toward groups, politics, and self-employment. You have all the friends and contacts you need to begin a new venture, whether product, service, or project at your current job. You will also meet new people who can help you get where you want to be financially. At the same time, you're augmenting and transforming your union with other people. You have all the tools you need to get ahead.
Jul 6, 2020 - Jul 12, 2020 - Your generally optimistic nature means you aren't the kind of person to worry about every ache and pain. Overall, your approach to life means that you're one of the healthier signs, since you love to exercise and enjoy the afterglow that comes when you've had a really great workout. Keep it up. You could backslide now if you aren't careful.
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