May 21 - Jun 20

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Dec 5, 2019 - Other people are important to you. Today your relationships could take on even more significance than usual. You could meet some interesting people, and if you're not involved, you might even fall in love. Old and new friends could seem more wonderful and idealized. Romantic relationships could assume fairytale qualities. Try to make an effort to see people as they really are.
Dec 5, 2019 - You may feel that the person you love and cherish the most has cooled off, or perhaps even decided they no longer wish to be with you. Don't take the signs too seriously. Those around you will be encouraged to spend some time alone to consider their direction and future moves. Given time and space, your partner (current or prospective) will come back to you even more in love than ever.
Dec 5, 2019 - Everyone has their two cents. Who are you going to listen to? Today's energy is intensifying the atmosphere and as a result, everyone is speaking with great conviction. Don't feel pressured to make a decision now. You are better off waiting.
Dec 5, 2019 - Things could feel a little painful today. If you've been having stomach trouble, or even a bit of guilt about weight issues, you'll feel especially vulnerable. It's important to find the emotional safe place you want to stay in today, and protect yourself. Take baby steps from that safe place and get a little exercise, socialize a bit with those you trust, and jump into bed early with your favorite trashy magazine. Remind yourself it's just another day and tuck yourself into bed early.
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