Jun 21 - Jul 22

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Jul 15, 2020 - An appealing new face could appear on the scene today, Cancer. This might lead to a new friendship, although this person could be charming enough to bring out your insecurities. Put these aside - you're looking great. Since your efficiency is at an all-time high, plan on taking advantage of that by dealing with some errands you've been postponing for quite some time.
Jul 15, 2020 - The current astral alignment indicates that your love life may blossom in a spiritual setting, perhaps at a virtual meditation course or some kind of yoga-related discussion board. This blending of minds and hearts certainly seems to occur while you are away from your normal daily routine or while enjoying a few days break. It will be deeply satisfying to both of you.
Jul 15, 2020 - Any artistic or creative work that you need to get accomplished should be tackled today. The energy is right for your imagination to flourish and your dreamy side to take over. Put away any work that involves concentration or a practical perspective.
Jul 15, 2020 - You can't hold a grudge for too long - it's too involved in seeking out the higher truth of the matter. Likewise, you won't be caught on some trendy diet for too long - you're too interested in working towards a balanced lifestyle that involves healthy practices that nobody's last name belongs on. You know the routine: lots of water, seasonal local produce, low on carbohydrates, low on protein, lots of rest. Moderation in all things, including moderation!
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