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July 2020 - Life has felt like one step forward and two steps back for quite some time, Cancer, but it’s because the universe loves you and wants to make you the strongest you can be. Since 2017, you’ve had to deal with Saturn, the planet of hardship, giving you stern looks from across the sky (solar seventh house). Saturn wants to teach you the important life lessons about knowing your own strength and how to form the strongest partnerships possible. Saturn will continue giving you tough love here until December, but don’t despair. The end of Saturn’s opposition is usually the easiest as long as you’ve learned his lessons in the years and months before.

Also, in summer 2019 you had a Mercury retrograde in your sun sign, and you begin July 2020 with yet another occurring as well (solar first house). This continues until July 12, so you will certainly feel more confused during that time. The universe wants you to better balance your mind and emotions, and as the weeks of July pass, you’ll finally be on more stable ground. The mighty sun is in your zodiac sign now, so you will still feel powerful.

The lunar eclipse on the fourth brings a momentous culmination in your relationships that has been building since 2018 (solar seventh house). Some Cancers could pull a partner closer now, such as becoming engaged, moving in, having a baby, or getting married. Single Cancers could find a magnificent suitor with long-term potential. If for some reason you break up during this time, it means that you’re being redirected to someone better. Jupiter, planet of fortune, is gliding through your marriage and commitment sector until mid-December, so luck is on your side to find the perfect match yet.

The universe loves you dearly and wants to reward your perseverance, so it is offering a new moon to you on July 20, which will open a door to a very dear dream close to your heart (solar first house). Use this time to set the stage for an even better life ahead.

When the sun moves into your financial zone on the twenty-second, you’ll be ready to shake off the instability and bring more prosperity into your grasp. Evaluate your money matters now and strategize ways to increase your wealth (solar second house).

Standout days: 1, 12, 30
Challenging days: 4, 15, 20
July 2020 - Your emotions tend to get the best of you during a full moon, but the full moon and lunar eclipse in earthy Capricorn on July 4 help keep you somewhat grounded. You know what you have to do, so what’s stopping you from doing it?

Your love life gets a boost from Mercury going direct in your sign on the twelfth, because you can use all the help you can get. If you’ve been trying to talk or flirt with someone but it hasn’t been going well, it should get a little easier now to make a good impression.

The new moon is in your intuitive sign on July 20, helping you choose potential partners that are good for the long term. Your subconscious is working overtime to make sure you find “the one,” Cancer, so don’t ignore that little voice when it points you toward someone with potential.
July 2020 - July 4 brings the lunar eclipse in Capricorn and your house of partnerships, and a person you were expecting to come through for you could give you some difficult news. Don't allow this to be a setback. Instead, flow like water and change directions. There are others who are ready and willing to help you.

Mercury begins to move forward in your sign on the twelfth. It's much easier now to reach people and get a response. Give Mercury a few days to get up to speed and your communications will be back to normal.

The new moon this month is in your sign and moves quickly into your house of money. There will be an opportunity for a new income source directly related to your career as the moon moves to trine Mars at the top of your chart. It's a good time to ask the boss for a raise or apply for positions that offer more money. Negotiate commission schedules or talk about potential bonuses. This is also a good time to work on your own business, especially if you work in sales or reselling merchandise.
July 2020 - Expansive Jupiter is in your relationship sector and aligned with potent Pluto for much of the month, so your relationships could influence your well-being. If you’re getting along well with your partner and other key people, this will show up as enhanced vitality and a general feeling of happiness and good health.

If you’re not getting along so well, there could be a tendency to eat comfort foods, and you may lack any desire to exercise or stick to your wellness routines. The new moon on July 20 encourages you to choose the path of well-being and make looking after yourself a top priority.
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