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February 2020 - As you enter February, there are powerful changes unfolding in a financial situation, intimate relationship, or a situation that has had you on edge. You have a lot to gain emotionally and financially, but remain detached.

On February 8, the Leo full moon brings a chance to reclaim your power. You don’t have total control, but you do hold an ace. Let go of ego battles. Invest your time, money, emotions, and energy in alignment with your values and you can transform a situation.

Also, Mercury is in shadow phase. It would be ideal to sign or finalize documents, travel plans, contracts, and visas in the first half of the month. Mercury stations retrograde on the sixteenth, bringing potential detours. Double-check all documents and communications, and stay open-minded about delays.

Mars enters Capricorn, also on February 16, heating up relationships. Avoid unnecessary conflict, but don’t be afraid to stand your ground if necessary. As long as there is mutual respect, you can learn from, lean on, and strengthen formidable bonds.

The Pisces new moon on the twenty-third brings a fresh perspective on a situation. Keep an open mind. You’re learning information or discovering a loophole that can offer resolution or an easier way forward. At the highest level, this is a spiritual journey. Be true to your path and you will be guided.

Standout days: 1, 23, 25
Challenging days: 16, 20, 28
February 2020 - Your quiet, calm personality is an asset during a crisis when the moon moves through your caring sign on February 5 and February 6. You do your best to be there for your potential romantic partner in their time of need, even if it means stopping in the middle of what you’re doing to help them out.

The sun starts its sensitive journey through kindhearted Pisces on the eighteenth, at which point you’re really tuned in to someone else’s wants and needs. Your imagination is elevated now as well, enabling you to picture some delightfully romantic scenarios.

A fun Mars-Uranus trine on February 21 helps you come out of your shell and do something out of the ordinary. What’s something you’ve always wanted to try but been too hesitant? Leave your inhibitions at the door. This transit encourages you to take more romantic risks!
February 2020 - Mercury enters Pisces on February 3, bringing you some money you've been expecting. But some communication may still be needed to get everything paid off. This can be done around the full moon in Leo on the eighth or a few days after.

Mars goes into Capricorn at the same time that Mercury goes retrograde on February 16. Someone steps up to assist you at work, and you can divest yourself of a project and turn it over to this helpful person. However, recognize that this person may not be as quick or accurate as you are. Some supervision will be necessary.

The new moon in Pisces on the twenty-third may bring a review at work. If you own your own business, it would be good to assess the contract employees and companies you work with. You can streamline your operations by trimming the excess at this time.

Venus squares Pluto on February 28, and it would be wise to avoid arguing with supervisors. Just listen now. Wait until next month to give your rebuttal.
February 2020 - Savor the boost you get from feisty Mars as it continues to move through your wellness sector. The red planet remains here until February 16, and this could see you eager to get back into a good exercise routine that burns off any extra pounds.

And if you feel motivated to push yourself a little harder by doing more walking or whatever activity you prefer, you could have even more vitality at your disposal.

With jovial Jupiter, your wellness planet, in your sector of relating, getting your partner involved could be a good move on the path toward better health.
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