Jun 21 - Jul 22

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Jul 8, 2020 - It could be hard for you to feel connected to anyone today, Cancer. You're probably better off keeping to yourself. If you're feeling sad or depressed, it's best to work through these feelings on your own. Other people aren't apt to be too sympathetic to your situation. You're better off sticking to your work in order to keep the demons out of your head.
Jul 8, 2020 - The current planetary energy is great for teaming up with someone new who shares your ideas, beliefs, and general philosophy. If you have been getting to know them and are hopeful it will turn into a deeper and more passionate relationship, then there is every chance that it will, but it may not happen overnight. You will have to get to know each other and trust each other first.
Jul 8, 2020 - It is not too late to capitalize on a fantastic opportunity of yesterday. Momentum from the previous couple of days has been building, setting you up to make a major move. Do it now before restrictions from other people descend upon you.
Jul 8, 2020 - The cosmic climate gives you the emotional security to pick and choose what you want. Whom you communicate with, what you have for dinner, when you go to bed - these desires are made clearer at this time. On the other hand, be on the lookout that certain areas of your life don't fluctuate with your changing moods. You should try to exercise at least three times a week. If you fail to do so because you "just weren't in the mood," I guarantee your mood will worsen.
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