Jul 23 - Aug 22

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August 2019 - Happy Birthday, Leo!

With a new moon, Venus, and Mars moving through your sign–you’re in your element, fired up and hopefully living life to the fullest.

Expect plenty of opportunities for adventure, romance, creativity, exploring your passion, discovering desires you didn’t know you had.

Above all this is a process of self-discovery and you’re nearing a breakthrough. Stay in the present, you can draw what or whom you desire to you.

On August 11, as Mercury re-enters your sign, Jupiter stations direct, and Uranus move retrograde–there are unpredictable developments unfolding in a professional situation. But hopefully, you can see the huge opportunity it holds for greater (personal and creative) freedom and autonomy. Have more faith in yourself, as you follow your passion.

On August 14 the sun conjuncts Venus in your sign, followed by the Aquarius full moon on August 16, bringing your one-to-one relationships to light. Relationships are moving to a new level–some ending, others deepening and blossoming. Be honest about your desires, but remain detached.

As Mars, Venus, and the Sun enter Virgo on August 18, 21 and 23; followed by a Venus-Mars conjunction on August 24–you’re coming full circle from two years ago when Venus-Mars were last conjunct in this part of the sky.

As you move to the end of August, dig deeper for your values. But value yourself, so you don’t waste your energy, resources, or sacrifice yourself. Cut back on excess expenses, but let go of worrying–especially about money. You have the talents, skills, and resources you need to create or attract more of what you need. Your ability to give selflessly and devotedly to your commitments is priceless.

On August 30, the Virgo new moon offers a clean slate and a new cycle that sees you growing in emotional and financial security, and self-esteem, as you plant new seeds.
August 2019 - When Jupiter, the planet of luck, goes direct on August 11, love at first sight and happy fairytale endings are a reality. What role does destiny play in your love life? You can’t wait to find out!

Chatty Mercury enters your confident sign on the eleventh, so wait until then to make your big move. It’s easy to impress your crush with words now, written or spoken. You’re a great flirt, Leo!

The sun-Uranus trine on August 29 offers special insight into a romantic situation that’s been puzzling you, making it easier to move to the next stage. Are you sure you want to take the next step, or is it enough to have met and conquered the challenge?
August 2019 - You won’t be in the mood to work during the opening days of August. You may prefer to take a vacation. Heading for a glamorous city or sunny beach will restore your natural enthusiasm for life.

The chance to return to a former place of employment could arrive on August 11. Although you had no intention of ever working for this company again, this prospect is tempting. Not only will the salary be good but the prestige will be considerable, too.

If you want a raise, make your case on the twenty-first. You’ll get approval as soon as the thirtieth, courtesy of the new moon.
August 2019 - Sobering Saturn and powerful Pluto, the two heavyweights, continue their rewind phase in your sector of health and wellness. However, with feisty Mars in your sign until August 17 and the sun there until the next week, you’ll be in your element and able to function at higher than normal capacity.

Even so, with both Saturn and Pluto rewinding, your energy level could fluctuate, and this is something to watch out for. You might need to pace yourself or even cut out activities that have become too much of a burden. Keep up the exercise, though, because even the gentlest workout can help keep you in tip-top shape.
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