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February 2020 - You’re in a new relationship cycle, moving to the Leo full moon in your sign on February 8. Passions are rising, and this is an emotional but powerfully heart-transforming moment. Don’t be afraid to acknowledge how you feel, but remain detached in an evolving situation.

Also, Mercury is in shadow phase and enters Pisces on the third. It’s important that you strive for clarity in all communications, especially those involving sex, money, and commitments. You could be negotiating joint finances, taxes, contracts, or a marriage or intimate relationship. You will be revisiting conversations and negotiations later in the month, but it would be ideal to sign important contracts and arrangements before February 16, when Mercury stations retrograde.

There’s information surfacing asking you to reevaluate recent and significant financial and intimate commitments. Honesty and transparency will be key to negotiations. This is a chance to clarify arrangements so they offer teamwork and support and work better for everyone involved. Expect life and work to be busy. If you take on too much, you’ll build resentment. This means learning to ask for help. People aren’t mind readers.

Your ruler sun enters Pisces on the eighteenth, ushering in a flow of changes. At the deepest level, this is ego death and a chance to release toxic influences that drain your time, money, and energy.

On February 23, the Pisces new moon offers a clean slate and an almost miraculous resurrection in a situation you’d given up on. Go beyond illusion and any attachment to superficial gain to discover what has true depth. You choose where you invest your energy. Financially and emotionally, the potential is endless. Let go and trust.

Standout days: 7, 22, 24, 25
Challenging days: 16, 18, 28
February 2020 - When communicative Mercury leaves social Aquarius and enters more reserved Pisces on February 3, your personality fades a bit more into the background. You still love attention, but the way you go about getting it is a little different. You probably won’t come across to potential dates as quite so needy, which is a good thing.

The moon spends time in your outgoing sign on the seventh and is full the next day, returning you to your confident, sometimes outrageous self. You love to show your crush how you feel about them now, and you aren’t embarrassed about showing your affection in grand ways. Who cares if the whole world knows how you feel?!

Your long-term goals are on your mind during the ambitious, businesslike Capricorn moon on February 18, so you set flirting and superficial dates aside to contemplate the future. What do you really want, Leo? You can get the life you want if you focus on finding the answers to that question.
February 2020 - Leo natives are busy this month as work and money opportunities pour in. Those who work for a company may see some management changes and new procedures, some of which are useful and some of which are decidedly not.

The full moon in your sign on February 8 brings an opportunity to shine. You could receive some recognition from a supervisor or business organization. You might be asked to speak or lead a meeting.

The twelfth shows Mars on the galactic center bringing you information about an investment opportunity. Ask pointed questions and you'll get the answers you need.

February 16 has both Mars going into Capricorn and Mercury going retrograde, both of which are going to add to your workload, unfortunately. It's good to have boundaries now and not try to do everything that falls on your desk. Assess which tasks are the most valuable and focus on those.

The new moon in Pisces on the twenty-third sheds some light on your investments. Changes may be needed in your investment strategy to make a profit.
February 2020 - You love to pour your energy into positive activities. This month, as fiery Mars continues in Sagittarius, getting out into the fresh air or enjoying a competitive sport could leave you feeling more vital and upbeat.

Mars remains in this sector until February 16 and then moves into your healing zone, where it encourages you to jettison old wellness habits and embrace newer, more life-enhancing ones.

Go easy around the time of the supermoon in your sign on the eighth. Try to simplify your schedule because it could prove to be a taxing day physically and emotionally. A soothing bath and a chance to nurture yourself might leave you feeling much better.
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