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December 2019 - There are huge changes unfolding right out of the gate as you enter December, bringing a glimpse into the themes you will be dealing with over the coming year. On December 2, Jupiter enters Capricorn for a year. Expect life to get busier and more demanding. Time management will be key, so you don’t get overwhelmed. Also prioritize your health, and pay attention to any health issues. You can heal, but it will mean reevaluating your lifestyle so it supports your goals and a healing journey.

The eleventh marks the Gemini full moon, opposite the sun in Sagittarius. Your aspirations are coming to light, as is a heart’s desire. You can have what you wish for and need, but it starts with you being honest with yourself.

You’ve been working hard over the past year, but there has been a steady breakdown of old structures and routines. On December 21, the sun enters Capricorn, asking you to consciously release what isn’t working. Make room for a life that is more sustainable and supports a creative vision.

On the twenty-fifth, the Capricorn new moon and annular solar eclipse offer you a clean slate and new beginning in at least one area of your life, if not for your whole life. You could be starting a new job, routine, or health regimen, or perhaps you’re transitioning from a day job to your passion. This is a chance to rearrange, restructure, and build a life that gives back to the world and to you as much as you give to it. It will take time, dedication, and daily nurturing, but as long as you give to what heals you and have faith, the rewards will far outweigh your efforts.

Standout days: 9, 15, 27
Challenging days: 8, 19, 25
December 2019 - A revealing sun-Neptune square on December 8 could have you wondering about the difference between reality and fantasy. It’s not that you can’t tell which is which, Leo, but you might be holding on to an illusion because you want it so badly. Unfortunately, there’s nowhere to hide when certain romantic situations are exposed for what they are.

Things lighten up a bit when romantic Venus spends time with quirky Aquarius on the twentieth, giving you permission to try out new approaches to dating. There are new romantic apps, gadgets, and gizmos that you probably don’t even know exist. Do some research.

Chatty Mercury is matched with practical Capricorn on December 28, so flirting will lessen, and you can zero in on obtaining information more efficiently. Resist the urge to turn a date into an interview. There’s a better way to get information from someone you’re interested in.
December 2019 - Jupiter enters Capricorn and your solar sixth house on December 2, which could bring an expansion of your job. This could be an increased territory, a larger team, or a bigger office. But it also can mean more duties and responsibilities.

If you don't like the changes, bring them up with your boss before the solar eclipse on the twenty-fifth. Eclipses can bring helpful changes, but the energy can be unpredictable unless you direct it by asking for what you really want.

The full moon on December 11 brings an important contact into your life via a networking meeting, online social media connection, or friend. This person could be quite instrumental in your career trajectory next year.

If you work out of the home or work in real estate, the Mars-Neptune trine on the thirteenth could trigger some changes in your job. It's a good idea to have a list of what you want and the direction you want to go so you know what to look for and the universe knows what to send you.
December 2019 - There’s a powerful focus on your health and wellness sector this month. If you’ve been dealing with issues over the past months, the movement of positive Jupiter into this zone on December 2 may improve your situation.

You might begin to feel more vital and have more faith in your body’s natural healing ability. It’s also possible that you will find treatments or supplements that can boost your ability to heal faster.

A powerful solar eclipse in this zone on the twenty-fifth aligns with fortunate Jupiter and electric Uranus, so information may set you on a new path to wellness that feels perfect for you.
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