Aug 23 - Sep 22

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Jan 25, 2020 - Deliveries you may be expecting could be delayed or held up. Today you might learn something shocking about a neighbor or relative, and gossip might spread very rapidly through your community. This could have you reeling even though it might be exaggerated. You could pay visits to a few people nearby, Virgo, or spend a lot of time on the phone trying to learn the truth. Don't take anything you hear today at face value.
Jan 25, 2020 - You may find yourself uncharacteristically and powerfully drawn to someone whom you just can't get out of your head. The planetary atmosphere is creating a situation in which you feel you would do anything to attract their attention or get them to ask you out on a date. But you would have a better chance if you could cool off a bit; otherwise you may frighten them off.
Jan 25, 2020 - Don't let your good mood and strong self-confidence be squashed by someone else's immature behavior. There is a chance that others will try to engage you in their unenlightened way of thinking. Don't let this happen. Be strong in your point of view.
Jan 25, 2020 - There is a lot of stress in the air, and it is the wise person who takes it upon himself to unwind and get back to reality after a lot of social activity. After a party, you need to find the sound of your own voice again. Remember? It's the voice that instructs you gently through your health practices: eat this, don't eat that, wake up now to get to the gym before work so that you don't get into personal conflicts at work.
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