Aug 23 - Sep 22

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August 2019 - August begins with a Leo new moon, and Mars, Venus and the Sun transiting through Leo–drawing you inward for introspection, and reflection.

Also, Mercury is now direct–and you’re gaining insight on the recent past–seeing the hidden layers in a situation, as well as your blind spots. Trust your intuition now and dare to acknowledge your secret and subconscious desires.

On August 11, as Mercury re-enters Leo, Jupiter stations direct, and Uranus stations retrograde–There’s plenty that’s unknown but your horizons are opening up and hopefully, you realize how safe and free you are.

As the Sun conjuncts Venus, on August 15, followed by the Aquarius full moon on August 16, a dream and vision are crystallizing, revealing next steps. You don’t have all the answers, but take things a day at a time. Clear space of what isn’t working, release emotional baggage, and what doesn't support your dreams and a vision.

As Mars, Venus, and the Sun enter Virgo on August 18, 21 and 23; followed by a Venus-Mars conjunction on August 24–you’re coming full circle from two years ago when Venus-Mars were last conjunct in this part of the sky.

You’re blossoming, attracting all the attention. Hopefully, you’re enjoying this–if not take this chance to realign with yourself and desires.

You’re not who used to be. You’re growing, and As you move to the end of the month–this is a chance to peel back the layers and weed out aspects of your personality that hide the real you.

As you enter September, a Virgo new moon in your sign marks the beginning of an annual personal cycle–growing, maturing, and blossoming into all that you were born to be.
August 2019 - Emotional outbursts aren’t part of your usual romantic repertoire, Virgo, but they might be when Mercury is direct in sensitive Cancer in August. Feeling like you’re on an emotional roller coaster doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

Romantic Venus meets up with your helpful sign on the twenty-first, so you’ll want to show someone how much you like them rather than just say it. Your practical nature is charming.

The sun enters your sign on August 23, at which point you could be somewhat overcritical. You don’t have to verbalize everything you’re thinking, though. Giving negative feedback on a bad first date won’t help anything.
August 2019 - Working from home is a distinct possibility in August. After negotiating this deal for a few weeks, you could finally get the green light as soon as August 11.

The full moon on the fifteenth brings an abrupt end to an unpleasant work assignment, causing you to breathe a sigh of relief.

Your charm, wit, and sophistication will serve you well on an interview during the third week of the month. This is the best time of the entire year to land a wonderful job. Don’t be surprised when you assume a high-profile role on August 30, when the new moon could reward you with a promotion.
August 2019 - This month, your well-being could be greatly enhanced by getting involved in spiritual practices such as yoga or tai chi, which can bring health to mind, body, and spirit.

With a major focus on a reflective sector, it can be very healing to know yourself and find a way to deal with core issues that create subtle stresses in your system. The greater your awareness, the easier it can be to locate and deal with such issues.

However, once fiery Mars enters your sign, followed by the sun, you’ll begin to feel more energized and ready to get back into your usual fitness routine.
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