Sep 23 - Oct 22

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Jul 22, 2019 - An emotional issue could be rubbing you the wrong way, Libra. Your impulse is to escape. Try to do so in a healthy manner. Go see a movie or read a book. Don't fall prey to the temptation to indulge in alcohol or food. This will only push the problems away temporarily. When they resurface again, they may be even harder to handle.
Jul 22, 2019 - Love may creep up on you unawares, especially with today's alignment of the planets. You may be at a group meeting, or on some kind of awareness course, or even playing chess or planning some kind of activity when all of sudden you realize that the person you are sharing the adventure with actually feels very much for you, as you do for them. It is mutual - thank goodness.
Jul 22, 2019 - The opposition has gained major backing recently. Suddenly, you are looking to yourself and asking, what have you done? Have you been actively gaining the support of others? If not, you may need to think about doing so. The sooner the better.
Jul 22, 2019 - A harmonious environment is essential to your well-being. Taking care of this need means balancing your everyday life. And it can be such a pleasant undertaking! Home is the place where you retire and relax to recuperate from everyday stresses. So try to have the colors around you that appeal to you, the scents you enjoy, and the music you love, and your home will become the place of perfect bliss from which you venture into the world to be ready to face life's challenges.
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