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July 2020 - Prepare for a memorable six months ahead, Libra, with Mars, the planet of energy, racing through your sector of partnerships (solar seventh house). This means that throughout the months ahead, you will achieve so much more by working one-on-one with a teammate or collaborator.

This is also an excellent time to use your courage and go after someone with long-term potential if you’re single and looking. Some Libras could notice conflicts flare up with their current partner if they’ve been growing apart and haven’t been seeing eye to eye. Do your best to release the tension.

A significant moment will occur in your domestic and family sector on July 4 (solar fourth house). This has been building for nearly two years. Some Libras could realize that they need to address an important family situation or else are finally moving into a new location. While this could be an emotional time, you will be better off down the line.

However, another major aspect of the month will be that you’re experiencing a Mercury retrograde in your career and achievements sector until the twelfth (solar tenth house). There may have been some difficulties in your professional world, but in the later weeks of the month things should finally be sorted out.

Your mind returns to your career once again when the new moon arrives on July 20 (solar tenth house). You’ve experienced a great deal of professional growth in the last two years, and the universe is still pushing you further to spread your wings into greater territory. Work hard now and you’ll be even further rewarded.

However, when the sun moves into your social sector at the end of the month, you’ll be feeling lit up and ready to catch up with friends (solar eleventh house). You have an opportunity to grow closer with the ones you have in the coming month and possibly even bring in new ones, too. Make socializing a priority.

Standout days: 12, 22, 30
Challenging days: 4, 8, 15
July 2020 - July 4 brings a responsible Capricorn full moon and lunar eclipse that keep the mood subdued as they encourage you to work toward something you’ve wanted this past month. Nothing is out of your reach, but hard work and effort are rewarded more than procrastination.

The Cancer new moon arrives on the twentieth, renewing your optimism about a certain romantic situation. This lunation is full of compassion and understanding, so you might be giving an ex another chance or reaching out to someone you felt you didn’t treat very well. Maybe the second time around will be the charm.

The sun moves into fiery Leo’s territory for a month starting on July 22, and your love life gets a fun boost from its exciting, spontaneous energy. If there’s someone you want to impress, now is the time to make your move. Just do it without thinking about it too much ahead of time!
July 2020 - July 4 brings the lunar eclipse in Capricorn and your house of home and real estate. If you're in the housing industry, there are opportunities for you. Look at contrarian thinking and go in the opposite direction of the masses.

The twelfth has Mercury going direct in your house of career. Job opportunities move forward, and you may get a call for an interview or job offer. If you’ve found new employment, now is a good time to start the position. Give Mercury a few days to get up to speed and communication will flow well again.

July 20 brings the new moon into your house of professional organizations. It would be good to go out and do some networking or increase your skill at public speaking through an organization like Toastmasters.

At the end of the month, your sign ruler Venus makes a square to Neptune in your house of daily routines and habits. You may not have been feeling as motivated as usual. Where can you streamline your routines to become more efficient? What can you automate? What can you delegate?
July 2020 - As expansive Jupiter aligns with ethereal Neptune in your wellness sector for much of this month, you may begin to realize the effect that your home environment has on your health. Having aquatic Neptune as your wellness planet can mean that you’re sensitive to toxins such as mold, cleaning products, dust spores, mites, and other allergens.

Should this be an issue, look into ways you can adapt your living space so that these toxins are much reduced.

At the same time, reducing your stress level could greatly assist your immune system, potentially making it less reactive.
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