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December 2019 - Over the past year, you’ve grown in self-esteem, financial and emotional well-being, and in awareness of your values and potential. Now you’re entering a new phase as Jupiter enters Capricorn on December 2. This is the area of your chart that deals with communication, ideas, the mind, short-distance travel, writing , information, and siblings, among other things. Jupiter’s influence magnifies, and you can expect an expansion of these themes in December and over the next twelve months. If there’s an inconvenient truth, conversation, or something you’ve avoided confronting, it won’t be easy to continue doing that for much longer. The sooner you confront the elephant in the room, the sooner you can move past it.

On the eleventh, the Gemini full moon highlights themes surrounding marriage divorce, taxes, business and personal commitments, inheritances, and finances, especially where your money is tied with others. You have a choice and hold the cards in a situation where you’ve felt powerless. Remember your lessons of the past year, and value yourself rather than be attached to an outcome. Then you can gain tangibly, as well as deepen commitments that go the distance with you.

By December 21, the sun enters Capricorn and brings information to light, asking that you dig deeper to discover a greater truth. Consciously release perceptions, ideas, mental blocks, and beliefs—especially surrounding relationships, success, and failure—that prevent your progress. Remember your objective and goal, then it will be easier to have constructive conversations, negotiate mutually beneficial arrangements, and get on the same page with partners.

At the Capricorn new moon and annular solar eclipse on the twenty-fifth, you’re being offered a clean slate. You’re having conversations and being presented with huge opportunities. This is a chance to see something in a new light and discover the opportunity that might have seemed dire or hopeless.

You don’t know it all, but have faith in yourself and your abilities. You have a wealth of valuable knowledge. As long as you are humble, you can make wise choices that set the trajectory of your foreseeable future in the most promising direction. Dare to think big!

Standout days: 3, 22, 27
Challenging days: 8, 11, 25
December 2019 - There’s an upbeat sextile between talkative Mercury and your co-ruler mysterious Pluto on December 2, so you play the “hard to get” game pretty well. You love to use innuendo to keep potential lovers on their toes, but you’re rarely impressed when they try to return the favor.

The moon spends time in air sign Gemini on the eleventh, which can cause you to change your mind and wonder if you’ve made the right decisions about love lately. What good does it do to look backward, Scorpio? The odds of being able to change anything at this point are slim.

The romantic energy turns steady and responsible when the sun starts spending a month in practical Capricorn on December 21, and you have no problem when the mood shifts to a more serious one. You have a lot of respect for being in a relationship, and you’re willing to do what it takes to find true love.
December 2019 - This month, income is the focus as Jupiter exits your solar second house (the money house) on December 2. It moves into your area of communication and thinking. If you've been playing fast and loose with your finances, perhaps racking up some debt, now is the time to get back to a written budget. On the plus side, there is now positive energy to create a second income stream that can grow. This may be related to a contract, writing, or some other form of communication.

Your workday gets better as someone disruptive either becomes less so or is not in the office so often. There is a collective sigh of relief as you feel more peaceful on the job.

You are seen as a very valuable employee, but you benefit now by telling others how you are contributing to the company's bottom line. The solar eclipse on the twenty-fifth begins a period in which you may be asked to evaluate your own performance or outline your future career plans. Have an answer ready so you're not caught off guard.
December 2019 - Dynamic Mars is in your sign this month giving you extra vitality and determination, so this is an opportunity to take charge of your health. Feisty Mars is your wellness planet, so taking the time now to organize your routines and jettison any negative habits can help you stay on form during this season of temptation.

Go easy around December 13, though, when fiery Mars aligns with ethereal Neptune. You may be more susceptible to colds and flu. It might be worthwhile to take some immune-boosting supplements as a preventive measure.

Also, if you enjoy your sessions at the gym, you could take your workouts to a new level.
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