Oct 23 - Nov 21

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July 2020 - You have been reviewing your intimate needs in recent months, but it appears you still have more to learn as Venus, planet of relationships, continues to gain speed here throughout July (solar eighth house). This could actually bring you and your current partner closer, though, if you explore new ways of balancing your connection and communicating more authentically.

At the beginning of the month, prepare for a lunar eclipse in your communications sector on July 4 (solar third house). You seem to have been working on an important writing, speaking, or marketing endeavor in the last two years, and now could be the time when you debut it to the world. You clearly have an important message now, so don’t sit back.

Throughout July, your attention also appears to be on expanding your horizons (solar ninth house). For some Scorpios, this could be in regard to travel, immigration, or overseas matters. If not, you may have been considering pursuing further education.

If you’re involved with media or publishing—or wish to be—you could make big moves now. Use the new moon on the twentieth to open your roads in any of these arenas. Lucky for you, Mercury retrograde ends on the twelfth, so you’re in the clear to sign important contracts after that time.

Finally, when the sun moves into your career and achievements sector on the twenty-second, you will be highly focused on professional advancement (solar tenth house). In the month ahead, be sure you know what increased roles you want and work to create the success you envision.

Standout days: 12, 20, 30
Challenging days: 15, 20, 27
July 2020 - The ambitious Capricorn full moon and lunar eclipse on July 4 give you the push you need to reevaluate or complete your love-related goals, Scorpio. You might not get everything you want, but you’re well on your way to getting most of it. When you use your inner strength and willpower combined with this energy, there’s little you can’t accomplish.

Mercury goes direct in fellow water sign Cancer on the twelfth, putting communication issues back on track, but your emotions will need some time to catch up. If there were any misunderstandings or mix-ups these past few weeks, you may still be feeling some resentment over them.

The sun enters outgoing Leo on July 22, lowering your inhibitions and bringing you out of your shell. You have so much fun in the spontaneous moments that you forget you aren’t in control. It feels good to really let loose once in a while!
July 2020 - July 4 brings the lunar eclipse in Capricorn and your house of agreements and contracts. It's possible there is already a contract for employment on your desk. Mercury goes direct on the twelfth, so between these two dates, consider completing negotiations and then sign after Mercury begins to move forward.

On the thirteenth your co-ruler Mars makes a sextile to Venus in your house of resources from others. This is a good time to look for funding for a project or start a crowdfunding campaign.

The sun opposes your chart ruler Pluto on July 15, and you may be asked to do some travel for work or interact with an international division of the company. There will be lots of talk about procedures.

The twentieth brings the new moon in the late degrees of Cancer at the top of your chart. Your work is very noticeable at this time. You may have a meeting with upper management, or you might be singled out in your department for a project you recently completed. This can bring some new opportunities over the course of the next four weeks.
July 2020 - Fiery Mars will be in your wellness sector for some months to come, so your fitness level could be a hot topic. You might be eager to hit the ground running as your vitality increases. But if you’re only just getting back into your exercise routine after a few months, then it would pay to take things slowly.

You’ll feel better for channeling your energy into a good run or vigorous workout, but build up to it gradually. It’s possible that a personal trainer, even online, could be well worth the money. They may be to suggest a program that eases you back into your routine.
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