Oct 23 - Nov 21

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August 2019 - August begins with the Leo new moon lighting up your professional sector, career, and public image. The sun is shining so to speak. Be confident as you step up and share your light.

On August 11, as Mercury re-enters Leo, Jupiter stations direct, and Uranus stations retrograde–bringing are exciting opportunities arising that could expand your career and bank account. But be clear on your goals, so you don’t stray off course, or lose sight of your values.

As the Sun and Venus align on August 14, followed by the Aquarius full moon on August 15, in your domestic sector.

There could be a golden opportunity arising professionally, but this could trigger insecurities or mean shuffling a domestic situation to accommodate for the changes unfolding. This is a chance to clear the decks of the past, so you can create space for your expanding vision and life.

As Mars, Venus, and the Sun enter Virgo on August 18, 21 and 23, your social life gets busier. You’re making connections that can help you further your most cherished ambitions.

A Venus-Mars conjunction on August 24 brings you full circle from two years ago–how have your friendships and aspirations grown? As you awaken to the possibilities–this will mean letting go of aspirations you’ve outgrown. Move through this process of elimination consciously, as you move to the new moon in Virgo on August 30.

Then as September begins you’ll be ready to draw into your world what you’ve most wished for, plant seeds and nurture your dreams to life.
August 2019 - Mercury is direct in fellow water sign Cancer when August begins, furthering your need to feel safe in a romantic relationship. If you don’t think you can trust a potential love interest, things won’t go very far.

Powerful Mars enters critical Virgo on the seventeenth, so you might be tempted to focus only the negatives. There are still some things that are too good to ignore even though you aren’t looking on the bright side, Scorpio.

The sun enters earthy Virgo on August 23, giving you extra focus. This combined with your natural investigative skills makes it easy for you to uncover a crush’s secrets.
August 2019 - You could be forced to choose between your personal and professional lives on August 2. It’s best to choose a rewarding private life even if it means leaving a rewarding job. Never underestimate the role your partner plays in your professional success.

A fabulous moneymaking opportunity could arrive on the eleventh. This is your chance to become a free agent. Spread the word among friends about your work needs. Your loved ones will be happy to recommend you for jobs. Soon, you’ll have more assignments than you can handle.

Getting involved with a team project on August 30 is a great idea. You’ll be hailed as the most valuable player.
August 2019 - With healer Chiron moving slowly through your wellness sector, you may get a better understanding of where your weaknesses lie. Rather than a negative, this can help you target these areas and find a way to strengthen them.

There may be some things about the way your body functions that you can’t do too much about, and you can work around these so that you function at the maximum possible level.

One thing to watch out for over the coming weeks is the extra pressure that comes from pushing too hard to get ahead. Take some time out for self-care to counteract this.
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