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August 2019 - August begins with a new moon, Venus, and Mars in Leo, and Mercury newly direct in Cancer.

Life is expanding, as is your consciousness as you grow in understanding of the opportunities beckoning.

Relationships are moving forward too, after a period of back and forth. You could be signing publishing contracts, considering higher education, travelling, expanding business, and setting your sights internationally.

Since Jupiter entered your sign in November last year, you’ve grown exponentially in wisdom, self-awareness, and awareness of your many gifts and talents.

Jupiter has been retrograde since April, marking a phase of review, realigning with your inner compass, and entering your inner journey of self-discovery with greater awareness.

On August 11, as Mercury re-enters Leo, Jupiter stations direct, and Uranus stations retrograde–you’re ready expand, move forward–marking a breakthrough, freeing you from shackles that have previously held you back.

On August 14, the sun meets Venus, followed by the Aquarius full moon on August 15–revealing your options, and a golden opportunity on the horizon.

You’re free to explore your options but keep your eyes on the prize. Then you can achieve success not just in the eyes of the world, but success that you can truly be proud of.

As Mars, Venus, and the Sun enter Virgo on August 18, 21 and 23; and Venus-Mars meet on August 24 bringing you full circle from two years ago.

Your creativity, hard work, talents, skills, ingenuity, devotion, and dedication to your craft are being recognized. You needn’t worry about being perfect; your humanity is a gift. Your ability to give selflessly to what you love and serves a greater cause is inspiring.

You also know that mastery comes through practice, there’s always room for improvement, to learn and grow. This is the key your success.

As you move through the end of the month, consciously weed out the ambitions and responsibilities you’ve outgrown. Clarify your goals in awareness and alignment with who you are today, and the untapped potential before you.

On August 30, a new moon in Virgo marks a new cycle, offering a chance to plant seeds for something that gives not just to you, but gives to the whole world. And your greatest reward will be a job well done.
August 2019 - Did you have enough time to reflect while Jupiter was retrograde? Hopefully the answer is yes, because beginning August 11 as your home planet Jupiter goes direct, pointing your attention in a forward direction. Enough looking backwards, Sagittarius. It’s time to move on.

Romantic Venus and logical Virgo team up on the twenty-first to show you how to think about love in more practical terms. The passion isn’t gone; it just isn’t your top priority now.

The sun enters Virgo’s analytical sign on August 23, so you might tend to go over past relationships moment by moment. Did you miss an important detail? Was there something you could have done differently? Self-evaluation leads to interesting revelations.
August 2019 - You’ll be occupying center stage at work during the first half of the month. It helps that your schedule will become more regular starting on August 11. Making appointments and dispatching jobs will be much easier.

Your employer will be pleased by your increased productivity. Don’t be fooled by their grumpy attitude on August 15. Your boss is simply being affected by the stressful full moon. Fly beneath the radar on this tense day.

Once the new moon rises on the thirtieth, you could be rewarded with a bonus, promotion, or both. Taking the helm of an important division will fill you with pride. Go out and celebrate.
August 2019 - As electric Uranus continues its journey through your wellness zone, you might need to work harder at sticking with a diet or exercise routine. In addition, with this freedom-loving planet turning retrograde on August 11, you could be even less inclined to discipline yourself, finding it easier to go with the flow.

One way around this might be to take up a form of exercise that you really enjoy. Whether it’s cycling, swimming, rock climbing, or dance, if it’s fun, you’ll tend to stick with it.

The same may be true of your diet. If it’s too restrictive, you’re likely to give up. If it’s varied and interesting, you’ll be more inclined to continue.
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