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July 2020 - The year 2020 will surely be an exhilarating year for all Sagittarius because of so much planetary action highlighting your relationships. Not only did you have a Venus retrograde in your sector of marriage and partnerships last month, but she will now bring harmony and pleasure to all of your significant relationships here in July (solar seventh house). You could have reconnected with exes or old flames, and if you decide you want to give it another go, July could be the month in which you do so.

However, if you’ve instead gotten closure and realize it’s time to move on, you have so much excitement still ahead for you! This is because Mars, planet of sex and passion, will be staying in your romance sector for the next six months (solar fifth house). Wow! Embrace this vibrant energy to grow deeply in love with the one you’re with or someone new. Don’t let this time go to waste. Find your twin flame or soul mate by seeking them out now.

However, with Mercury retrograde taking place in your intimacy sector until July 12, you’re likely still reviewing your intimate needs and how to communicate them more authentically (solar eighth house).

Other important dates to remember this month are the lunar eclipse on the fourth and the new moon on July 20.

The lunar eclipse on the fourth will trigger a destined moment with regard to your financial life. Some Sagittarius could increase their income or be awarded an exciting new job, while others may be paying off a debt (solar second house).

The new moon on July 20, though, opens the door for you to address the give and take in your relationships and grow closer emotionally and sexually with someone you care for (solar eighth house).

Yet as the month draws to a close, it’s clear you’re itching for new horizons. This is because the sun will be moving into your sector of expansion (solar ninth house). If you’re seeking to travel or immigrate, look into the matter now. If you’re ready to pursue further education, you’re also in luck.

Standout days: 2, 4, 27
Challenging days: 8, 14, 30
July 2020 - The full moon and lunar eclipse in responsible Capricorn on July 4 urge you to get your act together before it’s too late. You aren’t the most goal-oriented sign, but if there are still outstanding items on your love life’s to-do list from the last 30 days, this is the time to get them done.

The Cancer new moon arrives on the twentieth, giving hope to a new romantic situation or new life to one that you thought had fizzled. Your creativity is a huge asset now, Sagittarius. Use your artistic and imaginative skills to let someone know what you’re capable of.

The fun can begin when the sun moves from sensitive Cancer into playful Leo on July 22. This fiery energy is much more your speed, and you love playing games, telling jokes, laughing, and smiling now more than ever. Your childlike innocence is charming and may catch someone off guard.
July 2020 - For Sagittarius natives, the lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 4 falls in your house of money and possessions. You may have been exceeding your budget, and now is the time to rein in spending. You have an opportunity to sell off the excess and make yourself a little cash. Write out a budget you can live with.

Mercury goes direct on the twelfth and the next day Mars in your house of taking risks makes a sextile with Venus in your house of partnerships. A friend may come to you with a great business idea. Yes, your schedule is busy, but listen to and consider the proposal anyway.

The new moon in Cancer arrives on July 20 and moves into your house of education and teaching. If you work in the education field, you have opportunities for a new position or promotion. This is also good for those who work in publishing, travel, or advertising.

Also that day, the sun opposes Saturn in your house of contracts, and you may receive paperwork to review and consider.
July 2020 - It’s time to get active! The movement of fiery Mars through your leisure zone could find you eager to get back into competitive sports, if this is an option where you are. Or you might enjoy hiking, horseback riding, swimming, or other outdoor activities.

When it comes to your well-being in general, the presence of restless Uranus in Taurus means that you’d benefit from daily exercise sessions. Whether this means doing a workout video at home, jogging through the park, or cycling in your neighborhood, you’ll feel calmer and more settled for moving your body. Vary your routine, though, or you could easily get bored.
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