Nov 22 - Dec 21

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Jul 6, 2020 - Jul 12, 2020 - There’s a major focus across your financial axis, so your resources, whether shared or personal, could be very much on your mind. The sun in an intense zone can bring an opportunity to dig beneath the surface and uncover any blocks to your financial flow.

Even so, with chatty Mercury currently rewinding in the same sector, you may have been experiencing delays to funds or the processing of important documents. This week, logical Mercury turns direct and you can begin to make progress again.

Do you have something important do? Just do it, although the temptation to not bother and go out and enjoy yourself might be much stronger.

In addition, healer Chiron turns retrograde in your leisure and romance zone this weekend. How comfortable are you with expressing your creativity? If you find this difficult, Chiron in its rewind phase can provide clues that help you resolve this matter.
Jul 6, 2020 - Jul 12, 2020 - Mercury is retrograde when it forms its square to powerful Mars in the middle of the week, causing arguments and tension related to all forms of communication. If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.

A lot of healing energy is produced by Chiron going retrograde in Aries at week’s end, but dealing with past heartbreak isn’t usually a quick fix. Get things right with yourself before you try to get them right with someone else.

Mercury is in introverted Cancer when it goes direct over the weekend, so you should start to feel some of the tension surrounding communication subside. Show someone you’re not as shy as they originally thought you were.
Jul 6, 2020 - Jul 12, 2020 - You may be hurt by someone's real or imagined disloyalty. Talk about your feelings to clear the air. Some longstanding situations can be uncomfortable this week. Remember that everyone is feeling some extra stress right now. Thursday is fortunate for any business or career decision. Your opinion is valued. Give advice and assistance when asked. This can lead to new opportunities later. Your generosity will be remembered. Do your best to finish what you start this week.
Jul 6, 2020 - Jul 12, 2020 - Though your dominant focal points in life aren't always associated with money, you know how to make your skills and talents noticed. At this time, you're enjoying a burst of energy as personal planets move through your sign. But you're not quite here and not quite there with your money situation. In a few months things get a quite bit rosier, but for now, stay the course even if it doesn't seem too bright.
Jul 6, 2020 - Jul 12, 2020 - You may need to make a decision about an issue that's negatively affecting your health. The sooner you do, the better. Worry is causing you to feel drained and exhausted. It's time to be good to yourself. Continue eating food that's fresh and minimally processed. The nearer it is to its original condition, the better it is for you.
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